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Anonymous whispered: what's your upcoming con?

I’m gonna be heading to Detroit, Michigan for Youmacon :D Its going to be during halloween weekend.

After that i’m not sure what my next con is going to be but probably won’t have another one until February. ….MAYBE I SHOULD MAKE A CON SCHEDULE THING ON MY TUMBLR..

trying to get back into drawing fanart cuz con prep next month o)-<

Sorey from Tales of Zestiria…! I haven’t watercolored in ages weep

I drew a page for a charity artbook called Dream in Color! This is my first time doing something for a charity artbook so i’m really honored *o*

All proceeds from the artbook will be donated to the Dreams come True charity! More information about the book and the awesome people organizing it can be found here!

Preorders are open now so take a look!

sometimes i draw food for fun and then wonder why i don’t do this more often

only shows a small bit of this drawing cuz i’m going to redo it o)-<

just recently as in last month got into Kagepro and i cannot stop listening to yobanashi deceive /clutches my chest Kanooooooooo

some design stuff for an RP event in MAGE o)-<

hey everyoneee! I’m back from con hopping and i’ve never been this freaking exhausted before o)-< Never got to give a headsup to my followers where i was going ;7;

This month I went to Animethon in Edmonton, Canada; then i went to JapanExpo in San Mateo, CA; and then last week I returned to Canada and went to Fan Expo in Toronto. It was pretty crazy o<-< But it was fun! Now I’m gonna be home for two months before my next convention. I can finally start posting more things on my blog T_T

I will be opening my storenvy again soon once i reorganize my things! Thanks for all your continued support! *_*

Hello new followers…!!! Thanks for watching ;p; I usually post sketches and doodles but lately i’ve been prepping for cons nonstop wheezes.

New print for Animethon in Edmonton!! I’m gonna be at table A22 for anyone who’s going *O* I’ve been wanting to draw E3 Link ever since the new Zelda game was revealed YELLS….

A little late in posting this. I drew this as a print for AX *o* !! I’m so stoked for hyrule warriors ahhh

just a quickie character design for MAGE

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