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Hello new followers…!!! Thanks for watching ;p; I usually post sketches and doodles but lately i’ve been prepping for cons nonstop wheezes.

New print for Animethon in Edmonton!! I’m gonna be at table A22 for anyone who’s going *O* I’ve been wanting to draw E3 Link ever since the new Zelda game was revealed YELLS….

A little late in posting this. I drew this as a print for AX *o* !! I’m so stoked for hyrule warriors ahhh

just a quickie character design for MAGE

Sketch dump of Nikolaiiii these are actually kinda old hahah

Hey guys!! Anime Expo is coming up and everything is moving by so fast o<-<

Zearyu, Sei, Remi, and I are are gonna be in a row together.. on our very own island next to the Copic booth!! 8D Our tables are C23, C24, C25, and C26.

See you all in a few days!! *O*

con prep is super delayed this year o<-< wheezes

DMMD print for AX!! this is also me completely bullshitting the background *____*;;; I’m gonna be at table C24 this year!!

The Windy & The Nothing

for a group clow card collab 8) God when was the last time i posted art



I felt like doing a new one with different pallets!! Send a character and a number and I’ll draw them with that pallet! 

I need to get back into the groove so hit me!!


Hello guys, long time no see. After a long fours years of struggle, I have finally graduated from college. I can now add “Bachelor in Animation” to my title hahaha

Thank you guys for all the kind support and words, even though i’ve been mostly inactive for the past 6 months. I feel happy and honored that people still follow me and reblog my things ;____;

Now that i’m out of school, I’ll be con-hopping for a year! *_* I’ll probably be using tumblr a lot for keeping track of my cons and the stuff I make for cons hehe I hope i can start using tumblr again regularly. I really miss the atmosphere here xD

Anyway, that’s just what i wanted to say derp I am the least eloquent but i’m just a little happy that i’m just finally back home hahah o)-<

Also i went to Fanime a few weeks ago! It was pretty great! Here’s some pics of food that i ate because food is my life

I’m so hungry guh why did i decide to go on a diet o<-<

reposting here for life update!

The main pages I drew for my Eternal Bonds Fire Emblem artbook!!

I have to say, i’m very very proud of how well the book was received and i loved every moment of working on this project. o)-< Thank you everyone for having me!

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