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holy crapola when was the last time i last posted anything on tumblr.

These are my submissions for Syn’s “Sky Waltz" Attack on Titan artbook! o)-< These were done between last summer and fall so they’re actually kinda old hahaha. But i finally get to submit them horray!!

Children of Frost

some Niko doodles i posted on twitter

mage doodle dump

cackles into the morning sun

all1sees replied to your post: Commissions i did at Otakon Vegassssss…

your lines are so beautiful! what did you use to do the lineart?? the line variations speak to me

I use a variety of brush pens! The main one i use nowadays is the pentel pocket brush pen. I also use zebra brush pens and other brush pens i just get from Daiso stores ahah

Commissions i did at Otakon Vegasssssss. These were all pretty funn to do ahahah beat up lon’qu was my favorite

small mage dumppp


—trapped in this fucked up wonderland

(animated version)

part 3 of 3 of gifts for my friends in mage

I didn’t have time to do my last two SOBSS Q7Q

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