Please pick only 1 post size.

Sorry for the crappy cellphone photos and not having all the buttons available for display. OTLLL Let’s do this!
Not too long ago i finally gained 200 followers! Thank you so much! As a part of my thanks i want to throw a little give away to you guys who always give me and my art support.

Here’s what i got for you guys!

One lucky winner can choose up to three different sets of buttons to take! Or if you’re not interested in sets, you can chose a maximum of 20 different buttons. (note: you don’t have to choose exactly 20. if you only want five buttons then five it is!)

And as an extra bonus, no matter which or however many buttons you choose, i’ll throw in the Yugioh Abridged Movie buttons free with your prize!

Unless of course you don’t want them, then just let me know. ;D

Here are the main points:

  • You don’t have to be following me in order to enter, but i’d greatly appreciate it if you did! (this is a giveaway for my followers after all)
  • You have two chances to enter: LIKE and or REBLOG this post. Please only reblog and like once.
  • You MUST have your ask box open by the deadline so that i can contact you if you win!
  • I’ll ship anywhere in the world

The last day of this giveaway is February 20th at 12am (Midnight) Pacific time. I’ll be using a random generator in order to choose the winner. Once i contact the winner, you have two days to claim your prize.

Thank you and good luck!

you can also buy them here

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